Tips#2 – Avoid making a bad first impression

My belief is you have one chance to make a first impression – ‘Kevin McCarthy’

Sometimes, we directly have a negative feeling about the new people we meet.

This is the ‘first impression’ and … I sticks to you for a while and is very hard to get rid of !

Let’s consider the first impression as the first 30 minutes when you meet someone new…

In both professional and personal life, this is crucial to understand the causes of this bad first impression and act in order to avoid doing the same mistake with other people.

The more positive impression you give, the easier it will be to obtain what you want and to make friends. This also create a ‘Halo’ effect and attract more people and opportunities…

But it’s easy to make a list of all the things that are important to make a first good impression both physically and psychologically… The thing is more about figuring out what we do wrong !

The behaviors that will make a bad first impression:

  • Acting too nice

A study found that actions too altruistically can make you look bad or like you have an ulterior motives. It’s OK to say ‘no’ sometimes as long you can explain why you can’t commit. Too good to be true is always suspicious.

  • Not having the sense of humor

Whether in personal or professional life, sense of humor tend to attract direct sympathy. No need to be a clown but, being open and respond to certain interactions using humor can help a lot to promote a positive and closer relationship with people. At the office, whatever the position, humor is key to reduce tensions and increase wellbeing and efficiency at work !

  • Not smiling

Smiling is the most powerful tool to make a first good impression. Just make sure, this is a real smile that communicate a real emotion rather than a forced smile – This one will be noticed by your interlocutor and will. have the opposite effect !

  • Humblebragging

To impress friends or potential new employers, avoid complimenting yourself and trying to disguise it as self criticism. This behavior could be a turn-off !

  • Getting too nervous

Researches suggests that the odor of your nervous sweat may subconsciously influence people’s judgments of your personality, making you seem less competent, confident and trustworthy. Keep the control of yourself – breathe and visualize.

  • Disclosing something extremely personal early on in a relationship

Disclosing something too intimate while you’re still getting to know someone can make you seem insecure and rude. And your (Too) private life doesn’t interest anyone at the first time !

  • Asking someone question without talking about yourself at all

Self-disclosure has to be mutual. People generally like you less if you don’t reciprocate when they disclose something intimate.

  • Hiding your emotions

Letting your real feelings come through is a better strategy for getting people to like you than bottling it all up. It shows your authenticity and you will look more trustable.


The first impression is key  in friendship or at work so, better work on it and master your approach and presentation; A good first impression always pay !

Thanks a lot for reading and let me know what you feel about this in the comments !







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