Tips#1 – How to be more productive and achieve more easily

‘There is no such thing as being too busy. If you really want something, you’ll make time for it.”

Be better organized, productive, achieve more and free your time for valuable activities.

We often hear  people saying ‘I can’t do, because I don’t have time’.

However, how can we explain that great achievers (Entrepreneurs, Politics, Athletes, actors etc…) whose weekly schedules can really be considered as ‘busy’, have enough time to achieve various things and take care about their family, share with their friends, going on holiday etc..?

There are 3 main reasons that can explain the difference between someone too busy to achieve and great achievers:

  • Lack of Self-motivation
  • Lack of Focus
  • No Time management knowledge

The better you will be in each of those, the better balanced you’ll be in your life !

> Tips to become a self-motivated person


  • Write down your goals !


Being motivated, Yes but, motivated for What ?

  1. Think about what you specifically want to achieve (In short/medium and long term) ,rank it in order or priority and set a time frame for expected full achievement.
  2. Write down this list on a place you see on a daily basis (Table in bathroom, Phone/laptop home screen, car etc…)
  3. When you plan your day, include some of work that are in line with your goals. Also when you have free time, having this goals list in mind helps a lot to use this free time to focus on your goals.


Here is an example of goal list:

  1. Find a new job before May with target of 20% increase on salary.
  2. Pass professional certification in June.
  3. Do sport activities at least 3 times a week with a weight loss target of 5 Kgs before June
  4. Learn the Piano and being able to play 5 full songs before December.
  5. Participate to one networking event a month.
  6. …..


Now that you have your Goal list, priority and deadlines, you are more motivated to achieve those goals since you have written them off and see them every day. You commit yourself !

  • Listen to success, motivation podcasts / watch inspiring motivation speakers

Several times a week, plan to listen motivation podcast and/or watch motivation speakers. Its helps a lot not to give up on your life, not to give up on your goals.

The main principles found in those motivation speechs help you to keep being aware that other people are doing things, are getting out of their comfort zone, don’t settle in a static life.

Its really helps you to think like a winner and keep moving in your life to learn,  do, experience and improve yourself more.

Example of podcasts: SUCESS insider, the Tim Ferriss show … There is a large quantity of motivation podcasts on your smartphone podcast app with various orientations (Sport/business/family etc…). Just find one or two to follow and that are in line with your goals !

Example of Motivation speakers: Tony Robbins, TED conferences are very good references… Again, Google will help you to find what you like in line with your goals.

  • Listen every morning and before going to sleep to motivation speeches

That would be considered as a good habit to do this on a daily basis since such speeches affect our subconscious mind before going to sleep and motivate you in the morning before embracing your day. It takes only 5 minutes and will make a big difference ! Just type ‘Motivation speeches’ on Youtube and you’ll find hundreds !

Motivation speeches differ from podcast or videos since they act the same way as a boxing coach that will help you to keep your motivation to fight in everyday’s life. It affects your mood significantly and keep you focus on what matters: your goals in life !

> Tips to increase the focus


Writing down and ranking your goals in terms or priority help you to focus on what is important and what is your main focus until it is fully accomplished.

We have many hours have available in our week to achieve our goals… If we take a ‘standard’ schedule considering :

Total hours available: 24 hours x 7 days = 168 hours

Minus sleeping hours: 9 hours x 7 days = 63 hours (Considering time to wake up and prepare in the morning and fall asleep

Minus working hours: 10 hours x 5 days = 50 hours (Average that can include time to go to the office and/or lunch)

Remains 168 – 63 – 50 = 50 hours of ‘free time’

How many hours do you allocate on achieving your goals among those 50 hours ?  … what do we do with our free time ?

Think about all the non-productive activities, those that are not going toward your goals… How many of them can you get rid of ? and what can you do when you don’t know what to do ? Playing to candy crush, watching series, spend too much time on social medias, on youtube etc… Those kind of activities can be replaced by more valuable activities, it’s just a matter of motivation, discipline and FOCUS.

Example: Let’s say you need to pass a professional certification in June (Cf. example of goal list above). From now to June, how many hours do you want to allocate to this goal per week ? 5 hours ? 10 hours ?

The main thing is to have your target in mind and to be 100% focus, meaning:

  • Not being in a room with the TV switched on.
  • Computer (if not used for the activity) should be switched off.
  • Smartphone must be in ‘do not disturb mode’.
  • Being in a quite place.
  • Nothing that can distract you from your goal

Other example, you want to read 2 books per month. To achieve this goal you need to be focused on your book. That means, during the time you have to read (let’s say you are waiting for a friend coming in 30 minutes), you have to focus 100% on this activity to make the most of it. So cut all other non-productive distraction.

Also our mind is constantly running and thinking so it can be hard to concentrate/focus 100%. Meditation is a good way to increase the focus and we really recommend to include this into your daily/weekly routine.

We will talk about meditation technics in another post.

The more you achieve, the more motivation to do more you’ll get. Focusing on your goals and being concentrated on the activity you are doing bring you a feeling of accomplishment and help you to reach your goals quicker and in a more efficient manner.

> Tips for better time management


If you have never heard about the get things done method, we really recommend you to familiarize yourself with this technic by reading Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen.

The principle is to free your mind from all the things you have to do or plan to do in both professional and personal life.


All those things must be organized by lists and must be scheduled and reviewed on a daily basis. This way when you start your day, you know exactly what you have planned to do for the day. for example meetings with people, various tasks, diners, drive your kid to their piano lesson, answer to emails etc …

In the evening, the various lists must be reviewed and checked as ‘done’ or ‘rescheduled’ to another day/time. It just requires a very small amount of time (10m /day) and  discipline but the output is huge !


You are then organized and productive. This reduces the amount of stress significantly since you know what you have to do and have entire control.

Moreover, as everything is written, you don’t have to make the effort to remember what you have to do with the stress coming with this: Everything is written !

We will go deeper in the method in a next post, giving real life example on how to organize.


There are plenty of mobile application available on the market that help applying the ‘get things done’ method and we can recommend the following:







Those 2 applications are similar and have almost the same fonctionnalities.

The difference will be on the design and few different features. In our view, both must be tested and chosen depending on guts.


Thanks a lot for reading and let me know what you feel about this in the comments !




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