USI-TECH Bitcoin package:

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USI-TECH package : The right mix between Forex trading, Bitcoin mining and compound interest effect !

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    Low minimum investment (50 Euros)

    40 % Return on Investment in 7 months

    Capital x 5 in one year if profits are re-invested

    Algorithm tested in good and bad market conditions

    15 years experience in automatic Forex trading

The company 

USI-Tech was originally a software product that made you passive income from Forex. Now they have changed the approach to allow more people through the gate. Not everyone has €1,600 to start in Forex investing so BitCoin has been introduced so anyone can start on USI-Tech for free with BitCoin.


The product

The return generated is based on 4 leverages:

⏩  Automated forex trading: buy packages and get 40% ROI within 140 days

⏩  Compound interests: Reinvest your daily profit into new packages 

⏩  Bitcoin value which is going up like a rocket too - See CNBC post on the 10 years potential value of bitcoin

⏩  Referral program: Each person you refer in your downline you earn 10% of each package they buy.


See below an example using only the first 2 leverages:


If I invest 10,000 Euros or 4.5935 BTC (+/-185 packages):
  • I will be able to withdraw 1% of my Capital everyday If I want. (0.00459 BTC)
  • At the end of the 140 days you will get 6.4309 BTC (14,000 Euros)

>> 4,000 Euros Profit !

But.. If I reinvest those 1% per day in New packages... It creates a fabulous interest !

If I invest 10,000 Euros or 4.5935 BTC (+/-185 packages) and reinvest your daily 1% in new package:
  • The system will automatically re-buy packages with your daily profit.
  • At the end of the 140 days you will get 11.864 BTC (25,800 Euros)

>> 15,800 Euros Profit ! (2.5 times the initial investment !)  📈

How is the performance made ? (Forex Strategy)

When the packages are terminated (After 140 days), you have your balance in Bitcoin and you can transfer the amount into Your Bitcoin Wallet (2pay4you) and transfer back to your preferred currency (EUR, USD etc...) in your Bank account.


Benefits of USI-TECH platform:

1⃣     Proven performance and results of the Software

2⃣     Transparency of the transactions

3⃣    24/7 support team

4⃣     No issues to make deposits and Withdrawals (Tested !)

5⃣     User friendly, functional and stable platform


A short story..

I had the chance to meet and spend time with one of the owner of the USI-TECH few months ago (Mike) and he explained me this system.. We became friends since.

His long term vision was to provide to anyone a way to invest his money and having the real Financial return made by the Financial institutions ! 

And honestly, after many years looking for fair return investment through banks, financial advisors, own stock investments... I was happy to find a way to bypass those intermediaries and get real strong return with my money.

At the beginning, I couldn't believe it ! I looked for information about the company on the internet, watched a lot of videos, asked a lot of questions.. to finally understand that this is possible !

The good thing with this system is that the packages are affordable (+/- 50euros) so, you can start with few packages to test the system (Functionalities, fundings, withdrawal, referral system ...).

I was totally amazed when i discovered this system and even more when i actually made money and pay my bills with the gains generated !

See the answers to all your questions about USI-TECH software - Mike Kiefer

So.. I bought 185 packages (10,000Euros) and already the first days, I reinvested into new packages:

Interview with Co-Owner and CEO Ralf Gold. Is USI a real business?

Watch the Full Webinar to get a clear understanding of the system

📩 Contact me if you have any question,  I'd be glad to discuss and guide you !