Fundamentals#1 – How to achieve your goals easily ?

‘Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.’ –  Thomas Jefferson


We all have goals and we all want to achieve them.

There is a difference between those who actually ‘achieve their goals’ and those who ‘want to achieve their goals’.

The difference is ACTION & PERSISTENCE and the thing is that, for motivated individuals, there are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly targets !

Let’s imagine that you have 3 main goals for the year:

  • Get in Shape.
  • Learn spanish.
  • Be more informed, be a man of culture.

Usually, people stop there. And after few months, the motivation lowered and  your targets are not reached and postponed to next year… and we can waste an entire life like this unfortunately.

Here is the way to make it happen:

  1. Your goal setting must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timeable)

I like to take it a bit differently and would ask myself the following questions:

 > Why do i want to achieve it? If you know why you started, it will be easier for you to continue

> What is the exact goal ? For example, if you want to be in shape, find a picture of someone you want to take as a target and set this as your target. If you don’t have a final ‘picture’, you can’t measure your success and will be less motivated.

> When do I want to reach the final target ? Setting a deadline is the best way. Even better, tell people about your goal and tell them the deadline. You don’t want to be ridiculous and tell people about goals and don’t achieve it !

> How can I reach the target ? This is the trickiest one ! The real question would be more like: “What routines do I need to put in place to achieve my goals ?” Same example, get in shape:

 – Short daily routine workout everyday

 – 4 Strenght training per week

 – Track my calories consumption everyday

 – Sleep 8 hours a day

So, your main goal ‘Get in shape’ implies 4 sub-goals with other deadlines ! And that those small goals that you need to keep track on !

2.  Keep track of your goals

The principle is to separate your sub-goals in periods: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Set the expectation for each period and track your performance.

That means, everyday you need to write down that you have done your short daily workout. every week you should write down how many times you’ve been to the gym etc…

Fortunately, there are plenty applications to keep track of this and avoid carrying notebook (that you’ll forget somewhere and lose you motivation after) :p

I’ve recently found one that fits perfectly to this structure and help me a lot to have a clear view on my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly achievements: GoalMap


You can download this app here:

It’s obvious that the work won’t be done with a simple app but, it help so much to keep motivated and have a clear list of goals that you can track !

Now that you know the way to set your targets, keep track of it and achieve all your goals !

Thanks a lot for reading and let me know what you feel about this in the comments !







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