Habits #6 – How to solve your deepest personal problems

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

When it’s about controlling our own life, the choice we have is the way we respond to events. Whatever they are.

Based on their own vision of the world and frame, people will react differently to the same event.

That’s what determine who you are and how successful you are in your goal achievement.

And YOU have the choice because YOU can decide how to respond to those events.


That’s what is called being at CAUSE or EFFECT


Think about it, think about your life, your goals, your relationship with your family, partner, friends, your work etc… On which side are you ?

If you are at the Effect side, that means you give reasons and excuses for your problems. You tell yourself: ‘Ho, I can’t do this because I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t have friends because I’m not interesting enough’ etc…

If someone else has what YOU want, you might say : ‘Yes, he has this because he his like this or he has already had that etc…


What if you turn the problem the other way around and think: ‘What do I need to do to be like this or to achieve this goal ?’

If you tell yourself: ‘I am entirely responsible of my situation, performance, health and the behaviour of other people toward me are their repsonse to my own behaviour.’


This is being at CAUSE. This is taking the ownership of our own life and the way to be better and improve all our lifes in every domains.

Why would people react differently with you and other people ? Actually, this is because of your own behaviour, how it feels to be around you.


Complaining won’t change anything, action will.

Nobody will take your hand to help you in your own personal development.

Ego is the worst enemy for growth


For every situation, if you don’t feel happy, consider this is entirely up to you. Even the feeling of feeling unhappy is up to you !

If you’re upset, YOU decided to be upset. If you’re sad, YOU decided to be sad. They are tricks and technics to control your emotions tat we will see in another post.


A great book i can recommend that really changed the way I think is Think and Grow Rich

It kept me thinking the whole time about the ideas that I’ve encountered in this book. It talks about the new philosophy of enlightenment with practical applications of it.
The book talks mainly about accumulating riches, but it could be replaced by any other goal that one desires.
This book will probably affect your life greatly if you’re not already familiar with the new age of enlightenment !





Becoming at CAUSE is the first step to get rid of the ‘clouds’ that shadow your bright and sunny life you would have without them.

I will treat the 4 clouds in other posts !

Those clouds are:

  • The Limiting beliefs that You need to transform into New empowering beliefs
  • The Inner conficts that needs to be erased by re-aligning your values
  • The Negative emotions to be replaced by positive thinking
  • The Negative thinking that needs to be replaced by Positive learning


I’ll write separate posts about each of them !



Thanks a lot for reading and let me know what you feel about this in the comments !






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  1. Interesting to think the ideas of think and grow rich can apply to other things. I loved the book it, it actually spurred me to start my business. Happy to find someone else who thinks like I do.

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