Habits#1 – How to meditate ?

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are.” – Ani Pema Chodron

How often were you worried about something that did not happen yet ?

Does it happen to be stuck on one thought that prevent you to focus on what matter the most ?

.Do you sometimes feel nervous or irritated by things, people and events while there is nothing to be nervous about ?

There is a key thing to monitor those feelings and thoughts and take control over your mood, your life and environment: Meditation.

Meditation MUST be included in your daily routine. We have this vision of Monks who meditate for hours or days and feel that this activity required time, patience and real skills to start feeling a real effect in our lives…

The answer is NO.

Meditate helps you to take a step back from your current activities, life, worries, thoughts, stress etc… and its doesn’t required not much than 10 minutes a day to feel the effects !

10 minutes a day, to get rid of your bad thoughts, to let it go.

How to meditate ?

No need to be able to do the ‘Lotus’ or any other acrobatic position to make an effective session !

  • Just sit on a chair, back straight or lay down, arms close to the body, knees bended and foot on the floor.
  • Close your Eyes
  • Take a deep breathe in thought the nose and blow-up your belly – Exhale out through the mouse and empty your belly. Focus on your breath and when your thought is going somewhere else, bring it back to the breath as soon as you realise it. Repeat 20 times.
  • Breath normally and scan your body twice by emphasising on each part from the top to the bottom. This helps focusing and feeling ‘Present’.
  • Keep the same breathing pace and try to be spectator of your thoughts. Don’t be stuck on it just let them come and go. Like if you were sit on the road side of your thoughts pathway and not influencing any direction, not trying to stop any thought.
  • End the session by long deep breathes. inhale and hold for 10 seconds before exhale. and finish by 1 minute of positive thoughts and visualisation of your success !

And its done ! You feel good, more relax and your mood is full of positiveness ! and it only takes 10 minutes !

Where to meditate ?

The only requirement is to be in a quiet place. At home, in a park, at the office.

The sound pollution would disturb you in your focus and the session would not be effective.

When to meditate ?

Ideally, the best would be to meditate in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed.

Starting the day with positive thoughts to get the best of it and closing it with a disconnection from what happened in your day and have a nice sleep.

What about guided meditation ?

There are plenty of methods, technics for advanced meditation. They are interesting but require time to master. However, a lot of guided meditation can help you focus for a longer time than 10 minutes ! There are hundreds of free material available on Youtube to practice more !

Bearing in mind that meditation must be a daily Habit, this activity should be efficient enough for you not to give up on it. So we assess that 10 minutes is a relatively short time and it can be easily scheduled.

There are also a lot of application about meditation. We selected the best one that really help to achieve this daily goal:
headsp-300x300Headspace: Take10 is a free guided meditation for beginners that helps to follow the steps mentioned above. 10 steps of 10 minutes each – Just need to plug your headsets !




Calm: This mediation app is slightly different than Headspace since it includes peacefulicon175x175 natural melodies (Mountain lake, sunset beach, rain etc…). That can help you focusing if you are not in a quiet environment.



Omvana: This is, for me, the best application that fits all needs. From a quick 5 minute to several hours meditation, you have access to a lot of free guided meditation. The real advantage I see is that you can mix guided meditation with relaxation/focus music in line with your feeling and meditation objective ! Let’s give it a try, you won’t be disapointed !


So now, take a deep breathe and change ! 🙂

Thanks a lot for reading and let me know what you feel about this in the comments !





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